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Name: Annabel Watkin

Age: 21

Star sign: Gemini

Uni & course: Cardiff University, Medicine

Crocs or trainers with scrubs?

Crocs all day every day! My personal favourite would have to be the lilac colourway.

If you could organize an event or celebration to honor the NHS staff, what would you put on? 

A huge garden party with a retro disco in the evening!

Which famous person (past or present) do you think would make the best spokesperson for the NHS, and why?

 This is so hard, but I really love the work that Dr Alex George has done around mental health, it's super important stuff. 

What’s your ultimate Rhimani jewellery stack? 

Pearl necklace with my white beaded necklace!

What are you pairing your Rhimani jewellery with on a night out? 

Jeans, a tiny top and a Vodka Lime and Soda!

What’s on your Rhimani wish list?

I'd love to get a pair of custom necklaces- one for me, one for my sister. 

Where are you taking your Rhimani next? 

I'd love to say "the Maldives" but realistically, it will be to my 9am tutorial tomorrow. 

Your Rhimani jewellery is a drink, which one would it be and why? 

A lime and soda- incredible for any occasion!

If Rhimani were to release a limited-edition collection of stacking necklaces, what colours/themes are you going for? 

I'd love collections for the water, earth, fire and air signs, so maybe a green and earth toned set, a blue set, a red set and a white/silver set!

Help us with some styling, what goes into your necklace layering? 

All of my Rhimani goes together so I just pick the ones I'm vibing with on the day!

What’s your favourite Rhimani jewellery related memory? 

Definitely all the different places I've visited wearing Rhimani- my favourite was Budapest last June!

Jamie Laing or Sophie Habboo? 

Both. Individually iconic, together absolutely hilarious. 

One piece of advice for incoming first year students? 

Relax. Slow down! Take time to just appreciate everything. 

What was your last purchase off Depop/Vinted? 

A dress for an upcoming ball!

Average screen time (no lies) and most used app? 

7 hours 16 minutes, and TikTok

What was your last charity donation? Tell us about it. 

I bought a bag this morning in the charity shop to go with my Vinted dress!

Your dream dinner guests? 

ABBA, Taylor Swift, Daniel Ricciardo, my Mum, and Jesus