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Name: Maddie Long

Age: 19

Star sign: Sagittarius 

Uni & course: University of Bristol, Business Management 

One thing that surprised you about Bristol?

Bristol is actually a big city, coming from London everywhere else in the UK seems tiny, but there are so many different areas and parts of Bristol that I had no idea about before coming here. 

You start a business after your degree, what is it? Tell us about it.

I love clothes and jewellery a worrying amount - so my dream would be something within fashion. I create little inspo boards of a future business idea to do with clothing whenever I am bored, and I would love to turn those into a reality one day. 

All time favourite founder you fangirl?

Amelia Heard - Founder of Tyger by the Tail.

Tips for getting to know your neighbours in halls?

Bring a doorstop! When you first get to the halls and are unpacking, leave your door open so you can easily meet other people when they walk past your room. Also, freshers week is chaotic and you will be awake most of the week, but out of respect for the people in your flat having a chill evening, try to limit your noise in the early hours of the morning!!! (Trust me on this, I was shouted at a few times for talking too loudly haha).

First thing that annoys you in any conversation about Bristol?

How people massively associate Bristol with drum and bass and really heavy music - when in fact there is such a wide range of things going on almost every night! I've found some really good music events and club nights that play more groovy disco tunes.

Newly Weds or My Therapist Ghosted Me?

Newly Weds ANY DAY!

Aperol Spritz or pint of beer?

Aperol Spritz over anything else.

Don’t go into uni without…

EARPLUGS!!!!!! Shower shoes if you are sharing a bathroom.  A toastie maker. Only bring one fork, one mug, one plate etc, as it will motivate you to wash up when hungover! A mini fridge - some flatmates take the 'shared' fridge too literally! 

Tell us about a jewellery piece that holds sentimental value, and the story behind it.

When my grandad passed away, he left all his granddaughters the same pearl bracelet. It’s super special to me and I only wear it on special occasions, and I love how I’m matching with my sister and my three cousins.

What are you pairing your Rhimani jewellery with on a night out? 

I wore a black and gold sequin waistcoat when getting ready for a night out and the rings looked amazing with it, they really stood out!

Help us with some styling, what goes into your necklace layering?

I love to mix chunky chains with little dainty chains and I always love to try and add a pop of colour within the mix! I'm loving layering my white Rhimani necklace with some other gold bits.

Your Rhimani jewellery is a drink, which one would it be and why?

Oooh this is such a good question! My white beaded necklace would have to be a vodka martini. Timeless, elegant and a true classic.

Multi-layered necklace stack or one sleek beaded necklace?

This definitely depends on the occasion. One sleek beaded necklace is perfect for the day time. I love a layered look though, especially going out as it adds a bit of complexity to your outfit.