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Name:  Dulcie Barham

Age: 19

Star sign: Gemini

Uni & course: Bournemouth University, Multimedia Journalism

If you could interview anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Princess Diana, I would base my interview questions off of the change between the early stages of her relationship with Charles to when she became a princess in comparison to the inevitable end of their marriage due the affairs.

If you could create a 'clickbait' headline for your own life, what would it be?

How I Made It as A Journalist At The Age of 18.

In the world of journalism, who is your role model, and why?

Louis Theroux. His witty and dry sense of humour is well known in the industry and by being unapologetically himself his work is entertaining and distinct.

If you could travel back in time and cover a historic event as a journalist, which one would it be?

The rebellion of Jim Crow laws & Black females paving their way and becoming the first of their race to work in NASA (Katherine Goble Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson)

Aperol Spritz or pint of beer? APEROL

Don’t go into uni without…. Lip balm

Any study abroad dreams? Miami

Tell us about a jewellery piece that holds sentimental value, and the story behind it.

My dad gave me his childhood signet ring which he had reconstructed and fixed after it had been destroyed for over 30 years.

What are you pairing your Rhimani jewellery with on a night out? A low cut top to let the necklace be the statement of the outfit.

Gold or silver beaded necklaces? Gold

Dream colour combination for your Rhimani jewellery? White and gold, the classic!

Help us with some styling, what goes into your necklace layering? A simple but beaded necklace with a necklace with a pendant or charm.

Rock, paper, scissors. Rock - Freshwater pearl necklace, Paper - Mix Turquoise beaded necklace and scissors - Triangle earrings. Which one are you winning with? Rock