Elephant Baby Charm - Drop - Silver Earrings

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Introducing more elephant charm earrings... but these ones also have a dainty baby elephant.

- The earrings join our 'Handmade in Nairobi' collection. They are crafted by a small female-led team of Maasai women in Kenya. This collection is so important to us, we launched it to raise awareness for fair trade and celebrate the Maasai culture.

- Rhimani donates 10% of profits towards the protection of endangered species, such as elephants and rhinos. This make these earrings particularly special to us.

- Know an elephant lover? These would make a dreamy, cute present for any elephant loving fans out there.

- Sterling silver 925 hooks, with an optional pair of 925 butterfly backs to attach to them.

- Silver plated elephant body

- Approx. 20mm