Half Moon - Handmade in Nairobi - Circle Earrings

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"What's Rhimani's signature colour?" It's impossible to name one, but you'll find a load of our all-time favourites all blended into these earrings. We've concocted a mixture of golds, blues and pinks for our latest summer inspired range.

- These bold, dainty earrings join our Handmade in Nairobi earring collection. They are skilfully created by a female-led business in Kenya. Each earring is crafted by women of the Maasai tribe. The Maasai are well known for their skills with beading, weaving and other crafts.

- They're versatile; bring them along on your summer holiday, or use them to beautifully finish off your black tie.

- Lightweight!

- Glass seed beads. The beads are all made out of melted glass, not plastic.

- Approx. 30mm