Pink & Yellow - Circle Earrings

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Inspired by the Maasai tribe, these beautiful, beaded earrings are handmade by a small team of women in Nairobi.

- Rhimani has an earring collection called 'Handmade in Nairobi'. The earrings are handmade by a small female-led business in Kenya. It's a range that's important to us, with it we want to raise awareness for fair trade and celebrate the Maasai tribe.

- Based in Kenya, the Maasai tribe are well known for their skills with beading, weaving and other crafts. We visit our team in Nairobi regularly and see the skills and craftsmanship that goes behind each piece of jewellery.

- You can wear them everyday as they are lightweight and made with sterling silver 925

- Glass seed beads and sterling silver

- Approx. 30mm