Organised Chaos - Mixed Pattern - Beaded Necklace

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It maybe a mess, but it's organised chaos! We've created a "messy" yet totally stylish beaded necklace full of different shaped beads in a variety of patterns.

- We love to layer jewellery! We designed these necklaces to match both gold and silver jewellery. The shades of the beads pair well with either metal.

- Available in 3 glittering colours: Mix Peach, Mix Teal and Mix Gold.

- We offer an optional 925 sterling silver chain that attaches to the end of the necklace. The chain is approx. 1 inch. This way you have the option to make the necklace longer. It's perfect if you want to multi-layer with other Rhimani necklaces!


- Glass seed beads. The beads are all made out of glass then covered in a metallic outer layer.

- Sterling silver 925 bolt ring and clasp


- The necklace is approximately 15 inches. The chain adds 1 inch to the necklace.

N.B. As our Organised Chaos beaded necklaces are created by hand using a variety of beads, each product is authentic, unique and may vary ever so slightly in size and shape. They are all individual, no necklace is similar to another.