British independent small business? Absolutely!
Rhimani's wonders are handcrafted by us in the UK. Rhimani has a small team of jewellery makers, and they work from home.
Our team have individual work stations set up where they curate Rhimani's pieces.
Similar to the action of sewing, our team create our pieces using glass seed beads and sterling silver 925. Once ready, our jewellery makers then send the finished pieces to the Rhimani HQ. 
All our orders are packaged and posted in the UK too. We use our local Royal Mail post office. A whole lot of love, and small business passion has gone into your order!



Rhimani has an earring collection called 'Handmade in Nairobi'. These pieces are intricately handmade by a team of Maasai women.
Our head supplier, called Anne, employs 5 or so women to hand craft Rhimani's beaded earrings. The female team work in Karen, on the outside of Nairobi. We go to Kenya and visit out suppliers regularly. The women make out jewellery sitting outside in the sun in an open space and the fresh air. 
Anne has a stall in Karen also where she sells beaded items as well as koy cloths, clothes, baskets and many more intricate items.
When I lived in Nairobi I first met Anne as I visited her stall. It was a little moment of magic. I adored her items and asked if I could place a custom made order. I took her phone number so she could text me when my items were ready. The rest is history! To read more on how Rhimani started and our story, take a look here.
Rhimani is a fair trade business which means we conform to the 10 principles of fair trade (as set by the WFTO, World Fair Trade Organisation). To find out more details about Rhimani and fair trade, please click here