All Rhimani's items are intricately handmade by women. The pieces are handmade in-house in our studio in South Wimbledon. We also have a 'handmade in Nairobi' collection where the items are created by a small female team in Nairobi.



Our items in Nairobi are intricately handmade by a team of Maasai women. Our head supplier, called Anne, employs 5 or so women to hand craft Rhimani’s beaded items. The whole team work at Anne’s workshop which is based at her home in Nairobi. I regularly visit her workplace where it is clean and comfortable. It is a safe and healthy working environment that is in line with the International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions. 

Anne has a stall in Karen (just on the outside of Nairobi) where she sells beaded items as well as koy cloths, clothes, baskets and many more intricate items. When I lived in Nairobi I first met Anne as I visited her stall. It was a little moment of magic. I adored her items and asked if I could place a custom made order. I took her phone number so she could text me when my items were ready. The rest is history! To read more on how Rhimani started and our story, take a look here.

Rhimani is a fair trade business which means we conform to the 10 principles of fair trade (as set by the WFTO, World Fair Trade Organisation). To find out more details about Rhimani and fair trade, please click here.





Alongside our items handmade in Kenya, many of Rhimani’s wonders are handcrafted in our studio in South London. The one line simplistic collections (such as the glasses cords and the beaded necklaces) are handmade in London. We’ll leave the intricate, complex styles to the experts.

Most of Rhimani’s UK items are simply handmade by me. The Rhimani studio is based (in a creative hub of dreams) at ‘Wimbledon Art Studios’. The whole building is full of artists, graphic designers, jewellers, framers and many more businesses.

Our studio is airy, full of natural light and clean. I have a work station in there where I create Rhimani’s jewellery. 

If you're in South London or nearby, drop me a message and come say hi!


Love Izzy x