At Rhimani, our mission includes three main goals:
1) To create positivity through vibrant accessories.
2) To not cause unnecessary environmental harm.
3) To raise funds for wildlife conservation.
We strive to be a quality, accessible jewellery business with beautiful, bright designs that people adore. Through colourful and vibrant pieces, we aim to add positivity and confidence to your every day life.
Our items are handmade by women in the UK. You can find out more on our female team here. We also have an earring collection called 'Handmade in Nairobi' where the jewellery is curated by Maasai women in Kenya. You can find out more about our Kenyan collection here.
Throughout our business, we focus on making the Rhimani carbon footprint the smallest size possible. We make our jewellery with glass beads, a more planet-friendly alternative than plastic beads. We also use sterling silver 925 to finish off our jewellery. To find out more on our materials, click here.
Our packaging is biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. The jewellery is wrapped up with old magazines that we have recycled.
Rhimani started because Izzy was raising money for 'Save The Rhino', and this motif will always remain. Today we are proud supporters of the charity Tusk. 10% of Rhimani's profits support the protection of African endangered species. To find out more on our relationship with Tusk, take a look here.