Daisy Chain - Gold Beaded - Necklace

£45.00 45.00


Rhimani does flower power. Complete with 12k gold, meet our pretty daisy chain beaded necklace.

- The beaded flowers are intricately weaved by us. We intertwine small glass beads onto a thin gold wire to create a dainty daisy flower. It's a touch more complicated than our signature necklaces, but with a little more TLC and patience, we've designed a beautiful, boho daisy chain.

- The chain is 12K gold filled. It is waterproof and it won't tarnish.

- It's beautiful statement necklace that you can wear alone. However, it would also work well layered with one of our beaded necklaces. In particular, our Simple White Beaded Necklace would compliment the flowers elegantly.


- 12k gold filled chain and clasp

- Glass beads. The beads are made using melted glass, and then painted with a coloured metal layer.


- The necklace is approximately 16 inches