Pink - ELN - Beanies

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"ELN is a brand that aims to bring streetwear back to its origins. We're about authenticity and a passion for real style. We don’t follow the trends, instead we’re breaking the moulds and bringing back something fresh and raw to fashion. We do all this with a care for our people, the planet and you. This is quality streetwear that you can keep forever." - Ellen, ELN Founder

  • Double layer knit
  • Embroidered boobs, RHIMANI and ELN logo. The boobs represent two female businesses coming together!
  • Machine washable
  • 100% soft touch acrylic. Rhimani aims to be as ethical and sustainable as much as possible. However, we struggled finding beanies that were either made from recycled materials or with organic cotton. They need elasticity to stay on! We'll continue to search for the perfect planet-friendly material. In the meantime, our hats can still play your part for the environment. Heard of the 30 wears rule? By wearing one of our beanies at least 30 times, you’re increasing it’s lifespan, helping to reduce production and process impacts!